How to Transition A Physical Event to A Virtual Event

The events industry is finding itself facing a unique challenge. Due to COVID-19, many events seem to have two options: postpone or cancel. However, there is a third option – transitioning to online and virtual events. 

Adaptability is the key to staying resilient. 

Electronic Design Company can help you transition your event from a physical one to a virtual one. We’re finding innovation AV solutions that help tailor event platforms for those who choose to go virtual. We can provide solutions to improve your video and audio quality to boost your event engagement. 

Go Virtual 

The challenges of virtual events can be overcome by using the right tools and being prepared to produce the event. Here are some of the main things you should consider while transitioning your event from physical to virtual: 

1. Find the Right Platform 

Because everything is running online during a virtual event, your platform’s bandwidth and speed are important. No wants to attend an event with a website crash, slow connection, or live stream buffering. You must be proactive and make sure your virtual even can support your peak audience, all the time. If you have a high volume of attendees, consider staggering audiences or prerecording the event. To find the ideal platform for your event, read this article

2. Integrate the Platform with AV

After you find a suitable platform, you need to integrate your audio and video technology. Low-quality video and audio will decrease your audience interaction and professionalism. After all, you want everyone to be able to see and hear you! By integrating your audio and video capabilities, you’ll get better audience engagement and quality networking opportunities. EDC’s crew has experience installing a wide range of systems, from small to large AV systems. Our design services are a la carte and you, the customer, can decide exactly what you need for your event. 

3. Understand Your Platform and AV

You need to know how to use your platform and AV so you’re equipped to run your event. User training is included with all of our system integrations so you can run your event with clarity and confidence. If you are running multiple virtual events or webinars, make sure that your attendees know how to use the platform as well. Offer onboarding sessions, training videos, emails, or any other creative ways you can find to ensure seamless participant onboarding, this will increase your adoption rate. 

Virtual Partners 

At EDC, we want to be here for you. We can be your virtual partner, initiating virtual connections through AV technology. We are always committed to our clients, and helping you adapt to change. You can count on us for support as we have fortified our services to remain in place. Call 612-355-2300, visit our website, or contact us at to make a connection today.