How AV Technology Improves the Lives of Senior Citizens

Now, more than ever, it’s critical that residents in nursing homes, senior living centers, and assisted living communities stay connected to their loved ones. While physical visitations aren’t possible, virtual visitations are. Virtual visitations play an important role in the emotional, mental, physical, and social well-being of residents and their families. It helps protect our senior citizens from social isolation and loneliness, which can have serious health impacts. 

Tools to Keep Families Connected 

With over sixty years of experience in audio, visual, and critical communications, EDC is equipping assisted living facilities with the technology needed to keep residents connected with their families. Our packages are designed to help seniors communicate with their loved ones through video and audio conferencing.

High-definition video and audio provide a level of communication that isn’t available over a phone call. It helps residents avoid feelings of social isolation, which has a negative effect on health. Even a short video conferencing conversation is an uplifting experience for senior citizens and their families. 

For family members, video conferencing provides peace of mind; they can see their elderly relative’s body language, facial expressions, and physical mobility, adding a great deal to the connection. 

Overcoming Technology Fear

Although there are video calling applications available on tablets, phones, or laptops like Skype, Zoom, or Facetime to help bridge the technology gap, seniors and their families don’t use them as often because the technology is intimidating and the call quality is variable. At EDC, we’re passionate about how video conferencing improves the lives of seniors and their families, which led us to create a customized service package specifically for senior living facilities. Our solution is providing simple, high, quality, video conferencing tools that seniors aren’t afraid of using on their home. In addition to providing an exceptional level of hands-on training and support for residents, our team works with your team on an ongoing basis to make sure the experience is hassle-free.

Stay Connected through Technology 

EDC has experience working with nursing homes, senior living centers, and assisted living communities across the Twin Cities area. We would love to update your AV system so senior citizens can connect with their families. Contact the team at Electronic Design Company by calling 612-335-2300 or emailing to learn more about our services. Stay safe and stay healthy!