COVID-19 Creates High-Demand for AV Solutions

With governments, schools, houses of worship, and companies closing, quarantine increasing, the demand for AV solutions increases rapidly. As many organizations adapt to remote work arrangements, EDC is here to provide assistance to keep your work moving forward with the safety of the community in mind. Now, more than ever, we need our communities, and AV solutions can simulate the in-person contact we’re craving. 

AV Solutions in High-Demand Now 

While the rest of the world struggles, video conferencing companies like Zoom are enjoying a huge boost. Zoom Video Communications has added more users in 2020 so far than in the totality of 2019.  

As the majority of people are working from home now, companies are relying on video conferencing and virtual conferencing to manage and connect with all of their teams. Video conferencing is the only way for employees, students, and senior citizens to continue with “business as usual right now” or connect with their families. 

With over sixty years of experience in audio, visual, and critical communications, EDC is equipping assisted living facilities, schools, companies, and hospitals with the AV technology they need to carry on during these challenges. We are always committed to our clients, and helping you adapt to these unusual circumstances. You can count on us for support as we have fortified our services to remain in place.

AV Solutions After COVID-19 

According to the economist, Chris Kuehl of Armada Corporate Intelligence, after quarantine is lifted, there will be a huge boom period for AV integration companies. People now know the limitations of their AV and will seek upgrades to ensure they’re better equipped for the future. Some companies will adopt a work-from-home and in-office hybrid, which means they’ll need the AV integration to support it.  

Other organizations will push for better telecommunications, security systems, telemedicine, and other hospital technology upgrades along with a push for more life safety systems, to ensure their safety is the top priority. What do all these vectors have in common? They’ll need AV integration. 

Virtually Connected

EDC in Minnesota wants to help initiate virtual connections and build the community for houses of worship, companies, schools, and any other organizations through AV capabilities. Call 612-355-2300, visit our website, or contact us at to make a connection today.