How to Create an Inspiring, Digital Workspace

Designing an inspiring digital workspace impacts the daily performance of your company and positive employee outcomes. Your space should be functional and fuel creativity, productivity, and collaboration. How can you find this balance? Below, Minnesota-based Electronic Design Company outlines important elements to keep in mind while designing and creating your workspace.


The essential component of an effective digital workplace is a well-designed collaboration framework. Collaboration rarely happens by chance and shouldn’t be left to personal choice. Define which tools suit your company’s needs and communicate this throughout your team. Options include Slack, InVision, GoogleKeep, Trello and more.

Office Design

A well-designed office space should help facilitate collaboration, focus, and successful adoption of new systems by your employees. Just like technology provides your staff with increased connectivity and mobility resources, so does your workplace’s design. Consider the kind of space you need, and what sort of AV technology you’ll need to implement. Consider creating a “flexible workspace” by incorporating different office zones like open workstations, ergonomic desks, quiet rooms, and designated spaces for relaxing and recharging. This way, employees can choose an environment that’s most effective for them.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing offers a major advantage for digitally advanced workplaces. Emails, instant messaging platforms, and even conference calls can make miscommunication a common occurrence in the workplace. Because visual cues are a crucial element in effective communication, video conferences strengthen communication between coworkers in different locations. Make sure your company is equipped with the necessary tools for video conferencing: surround speakers, clear video, and screen-sharing capabilities.

Conference Room Design

One of the most important elements of creating a digitally inspiring work environment is a digitized conference room. A functional conference room with updated technology shows your clients and team you’re an efficient and effective company. Integrate smart technology and train your employees to use it effectively so the audio, video, and other multimedia capabilities are used to their full potential. The right atmosphere within the conference room combined with digitally empowered employees will impress clients and candidates alike.

Inspire with EDC

Designing or updating your workspace is important to inspire, encourage, and empower your employees. Partner with the technology professionals at EDC Solutions to ensure your space is the best it can be. To plan your space, call us at 612-355-2300 or email us at