Three School Improvements that Foster Holistic Education

Teachers are some of the most selfless members of our community. Their work in creating engaging environments for students to learn and grow can’t be understated. Some teachers have implemented a holistic approach to our students’ education. Holistic education focuses on promoting the health and growth of students in a well-rounded way. This includes strengthening mental, moral, emotional and social skills. In a holistic education approach, students focus on building connections among peers, the community and themselves. 

To create a classroom environment that fosters holistic learning, there are steps schools and teachers can take to improve the classroom. By adding new resources and enhancing the classroom experience, teachers can promote holistic education for their students. 

1. Add Hearing Assist

Improving the sound in a space will help both teachers and students. Sound reinforcement and hearing assist in a classroom enhance the sound quality and volume of the teacher, as well as any videos, music or other audio. Holistic education uses all kinds of different resources and approaches to lessons. For example, when learning about a new culture, a teacher may play some music from that culture or even have students try their hand at making music. 

Small group sessions or group presentations are an effective way to nourish social skills and public speaking skills. By adding in hearing assist capabilities and sound reinforcement in a classroom, students can get the most out of any project or lesson.

2. Improve Visual Experiences

Many holistic education lessons rely on effective visuals. By adding engaging visual resources, your holistic classroom can thrive. High-definition screens or signs can be used creatively to present information. Whether a lesson relies on a video, a slideshow or even a video chat, a high-quality display will deliver the best picture, experience and education for your students. 

Promote holistic education through other visual enhancements, too. Consider how the classroom displays information on the wall. Engaging colors, pictures, infographics and posters can create a healthy, educational environment. Because holistic education fosters the health and growth of all aspects of students, from social skills to emotional health and interdisciplinary knowledge, having interesting and educational signs and screens can enhance the learning experience of the students. 

3. Involve Everyone

Educational experiences should be memorable and effective. Holistic education is a great way for students to learn valuable life lessons in the classroom. By involving everyone in a lesson, students can hear about different perspectives and ways of thinking that they might not have considered. For example, create a welcoming atmosphere by including the school custodian in a lesson. They can add valuable insight to the class. Or, deepen the students’ connection with the community by volunteering or asking a member of the community to share a presentation. 

Each lesson should bring in new perspectives to students. By involving the students with others outside of their normal routine, you can promote a healthy, well-rounded education. Improve your classroom experience with more than great decorations; improve your classroom experience with great lessons and approaches. 

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