How School Technology Can Improve Student Outcomes

As the new school year begins, teachers and students have a lot to look forward to. While the rollercoaster of the pandemic has changed the way our schools operate, there are several advantages that have come out of it. Technology has been utilized in creative ways in the last few years. According to the School of Education, technology is a necessary tool for preparing students for their future. There are many other benefits of technology in schools, including improved student outcomes.

However, besides classroom technology, other areas of technological innovation are often neglected in today’s schools. Updated public address systems, classroom intercoms, auditorium audiovisuals and emergency paging systems can greatly increase the safety and quality of the student experience. Read on to learn how.

Technology Can Increase Focus

With the proliferation of smart devices, technology runs the risk of increasingly distracting students. Schools can counteract this by investing in technology that promotes focus, thereby improving student outcomes.

For example, sound reinforcement can help limit the transfer of sound throughout the building while also increasing the clarity of speech in the space. This will keep students in both spaces more focused on the task at hand.

Similarly, an effective, school-wide intercom or public address system can help students immediately acquire necessary information without the need to depart from the classroom setting. These systems can also assist students in transitioning seamlessly from one class to the next.

Technology Keeps Students Safe

Student safety has moved front-and-center over the past several years, and for good reason. With increased risks to student health and security, parents are looking for school administrators to step up in their emergency planning.

Every school should be outfitted with a top tier emergency paging system in today’s climate. This allows for school leaders to succinctly and immediately provide evacuation or lockdown instructions. Comprehensive alarm systems that alert all students and staff of pending threats can also keep students safer.

Technology Improves Student Immersion

Finally, technology in the auditorium can improve student outcomes by providing a fully immersive learning and viewing experience. A cutting-edge auditorium outfitted with sound reinforcement, video capabilities, and premier sound offers a much more compelling entertainment space. The advancement of this focal point of a school can help entice keynote speakers, encourage students to participate in theater, and give band and choir teachers added job satisfaction. All of these elements can markedly improve student outcomes.

Improve Student Outcomes This Year

As the school environment continues to evolve, you may be considering new ways to add technology to the learning experience. With the team at Electronic Design Company, we can offer advanced solutions to improve student outcomes. We have been designing and implementing AV systems in professional performance venues, businesses and school districts in the Twin Cities area for more than 65 years. Contact EDC to learn how you can harness the benefits of school technology this year.