The Surprising Benefits of Digital Signage

Find the next opportunity to grow your business with digital signage. Adding a dynamic display can help set your business apart and engage with your customers. There are many different options to add digital signage to your operation. Something simple such as a new exterior sign can catch the eye of passers-by. Bringing in digital displays to your business in larger capacities can also enhance the customer experience, such as adding digital menus or information displays throughout your business. 

If you’re looking to add to your business, consider starting with a sign upgrade. You may be surprised at the benefits of digital signage and what it can do for you.

Catch Customers’ Attention

First and foremost, digital signage is much more flashy and interesting than static signs. So much so, in fact, that approximately 76% of consumers say they will enter a store they hadn’t before simply because of the signage. When digital displays continue to engage customers, 68% say they make a purchase in that store. Static displays can be seen as dull and slow to the modern consumer. In comparison, a digital display, even if it doesn’t necessarily change messaging, shines a more fast-paced and engaging light on a business. When consumers feel excited and engaged with a store, they are more willing to enter and even purchase something. Adding digital signage to your business is an easy and effective way to increase sales over time. 

Display More Information

Depending on the kind of sign, you can display varying messages. If you want to advertise a product, then show your store hours and then display your logo, a digital display is exactly what you need. These signs are easy to update on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, requiring less time and fewer people than static displays. 

Restaurants can reap the benefits of digital signage by including pictures of menu items on them. If your menu includes daily specials, updating the display is fast and easy.  Retail shops can advertise different products or ongoing sales throughout their store. Some stores even take advantage of digital signage in the checkout lane to catch the attention of people waiting in line. Finding unique ways to incorporate the benefits of digital signage with your store is a strategic way to increase sales, engage customers and grow your business. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers who shop in stores with digital signage report having an overall better experience in the store. That is why 68% say they are more likely to purchase something in a store with digital displays. When these displays show pictures or messages that speak to the customer and show personality during their in-store experience, customers feel more heard and welcomed. Selling the experience of the store, rather than just the products, is a marketing strategy that can be executed brilliantly with new signs. Additionally, the type of information displayed, such as a menu or wait times for a line, the customer experience is elevated. 

When customers feel more heard and comfortable in your store, they are likely to turn into repeat customers, which will continue to help drive your sales overtime. Create a memorable experience for your clientele with digital displays in your store.

Modernize Your Business with EDC

If you’re considering upgrading the signage in your store or business, digital displays are an excellent way to go. By catching people’s attention, displaying engaging information and improving the experience of your customers, digital signage is an easy way to modernize your store and set yourself for success. 

Electronic Design Company (EDC) can help you incorporate digital signage or other technological updates into your restaurant, store or business. Since 1955, we have delivered top quality technology design, installation, training and service to the Twin Cities area and beyond. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with all your digital signage needs.