Everything You Need to Know About Upgrading Your School’s Paging and Intercom Systems

School paging and intercom systems are staples in virtually every classroom in the United States.

They provide educators with comprehensive communications and ensure safety in the classroom. They are affordable, easy to implement and are smart investments for the future. Ensuring your school’s paging and intercom systems are top quality is worth the effort. Read on to learn why these AV solutions are vital.

What is a Paging System?

Paging systems are powerful tools that can quickly send notifications to students, no matter where they are on a school’s campus. Paging systems allow faculty to communicate important information to students in a timely manner. They work when a person speaks into a microphone or telephone and the message is distributed around the school via its network of speakers. It is also possible to pre-record and schedule messages ahead of time. If there is ever an issue with available cellular service, paging systems ensure students receive important notifications and announcements.

What is an Intercom System?

Intercoms allow two-way communication to take place between faculty and students or potential visitors. Often intercoms are found near the entrance of a building and include a microphone and a speaker so faculty can communicate with persons trying to enter school grounds. Intercom systems can also be utilized in classrooms allowing for hands free communication between the school office and the classroom, or between anywhere in the district and the classroom. 

School Paging and Intercom Systems Keep Students Safe

School paging and intercom systems are used to signal the beginning and end of class periods and allow teachers and other staff members to communicate announcements. However, they are especially useful because they ensure students are protected while on school grounds. Paging and intercom systems provide real-time voice communications that reach every inch of a school’s campus. Paging and intercom systems can also be fully integrated with any security systems already in place to deploy emergency notifications if necessary. These are important AV solutions that effectively keep students and faculty in sync at all times.

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