Technology Solutions for Effective Employee Training

Effective employee training is about more than just about getting the right information across; it’s about how you’re getting it across and how it’s being received. You may have some of the best information to share on the latest and greatest software, but without the proper technology solutions, the training could fall flat. Read on to learn how to utilize technology solutions for more effective employee training.

Set Up Your Sound System

To start, it is important to have the right microphones and speakers to meet your needs. Microphones come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic handheld to low-profile mics that hang from the ceiling. Knowing which microphone is best for you and your space is a good start to providing proper sound for employee training. 

In addition, the room’s speakers should be set up and tested before your employees come in. Oftentimes, speakers can cause unpleasant feedback that can distract the trainer and trainees. Getting the proper microphone and speaker system that works well together is a vital first step in maximizing your training sessions. 

Enhance Your Visuals

Many training sessions rely on video displays, whether that includes slideshows, videos or even remote speakers and attendees. High-quality video displays will capture the attention of your employees and will help make any training effective and memorable. 

Oftentimes, having multiple screens around the training room can provide an immersive experience for employees, especially if employees are sitting at angles not directly facing the front of the room. Consider how the space will be used and how information will be displayed. Ensuring any sound coming from the screens is working through the speakers and isn’t too quiet or too loud is important to check before your training begins.

Implement Video Conferencing and Recording

While many employees are still working from home, offices may need to consider offering a remote streaming option for their training sessions. It is also a good idea to record the training sessions for employees who may have missed it live, or for people to go back and watch again later. A high-quality camera system is the best way to capture your training sessions for streaming and recording. For larger rooms, multiple cameras at different angles help provide a more robust and engaging experience for remote attendees. This setup is especially helpful if your training contains many moving aspects, or if there are sections you want your employees to see from different angles. 

To control and switch between these cameras, a control board is necessary for the most dynamic experience. Often a single camera will suffice, especially for simple trainings with a single speaker or slideshow, but for a more interesting experience, you can consider adding a second camera to your room. 

Of course, much of this technology works together to deliver one unified experience. It is a good idea to know how the systems interact with each other and how to control all of it at once, if possible. 

Elevate Your Training Experience with Electronic Design Company

For more than 60 years, EDC has specialized in bringing audio, visual and communications technology to local businesses. We can help you with any of your commercial AV needs, including unified control systems to help you manage any and all of your room’s technology. Don’t let all your hard work of preparing for employee trainings go to waste. If you’re interested in setting this up for your own training sessions, contact Electronic Design Company for help getting started.