TAURI Temperature Check Tablet Helps Promote Safety As We Reestablish Routine

The TAURI Temperature Check Tablet helps answer that question. The tablet is fast, hands-free and most importantly, it’s accurate.

There’s a good chance you’ve already seen the tablet in a lot of places: with its facial-scanning capabilities, the TAURI provides instant alerts for high-temperature and non-mask-wearing individuals.

Here are a list of venues that are already benefiting from installing the TAURI tablet:

Schools And Colleges

Though every school situation is different across America, a majority of students are back in school in some capacity, as are teachers. Safety and security is so incredibly important for not only the students, teachers and staff, but for the families of those at school.

The tablet can be installed at the front of a school to make sure everyone entering is healthy for a day of learning.

Sports Facilities

We’re seeing sports come back in a big way. The NFL is in the midst of its season. College football and other sports are in full swing. High school sports are also in action. While a fan is scanning their ticket, the tablet will scan their temperature. It’s as simple as that.

TAURI is a great tool to make sure the athletes are all healthy, but it’s also a great tool to allow fans to feel safe while they’re in line to get nachos.

Places Of Worship

Churches and places of worship are such special parts of communities, especially as we approach the holidays. Make sure your community feels safe and connected while attending services.

Even if you aren’t up to full capacity, health and safety needs to be a top priority for your congregation. The temperature check takes just seconds to give people a sense of safety that they’ve been looking for.

Office Spaces

As we get back to work, it’s important to make sure everyone at the office and their families are safe.

A way to ensure that is with a temperature tablet. It’s a great way to show employees that you care about them and their loved ones.

Each office configuration is different. Luckily, the TAURI can be placed anywhere with our tablet stands and wall mounts.


It’s been an incredibly tough year for restaurants. We all want to support our favorite sushi spot or taco joint. Restaurants can help keep their doors open by keeping its customers and staff safe. It’s important at a restaurant to have your order accurate; TAURI makes sure your temperature reading is, too.

Fitness Centers

There are only so many jumping jacks a person can do in their living room . . . Gyms are back open with limit restrictions. That restriction should be combined with a temperature check to ensure everyone can feel healthy when they are in and leaving the gym. And the best thing, especially at the gym, is that nobody needs to touch the tablet to get their temperature.

Secure Safety with EDC

Let EDC help keep your community and family safe this winter with the TAURI Temperature Check Table. Contact Electronic Design Company by visiting our website at edcsolutions.com or calling us at 612-335-2300, and learn more about purchasing your own tablet today.