5 Virtual Company Event Ideas

As companies are increasingly relying on virtual work, and more employees are adjusting to working virtually, one of the main things that is lost is the workplace culture. The camaraderie of being in the same space together is powerful for a team. Keeping that energy intact while following social distancing rules can be difficult, but with the proper virtual solutions and creativity, teams can come together through virtual company events. EDC looks at 5 virtual company events that can help keep your team’s spirit up and make sure that camaraderie stays strong through virtual work.

  1. Show Off Your Work From Home Setup

Some of the best talks in the office can still happen when workers are not currently there. Mainly, having those that wish to participate show off the space that they have created for themselves at home to help provide a focused workspace. This can be a fun way to see everyone, and see how they have settled in at home, as well as create connections over shared troubles setting things up or similar styles in workstations.


  1. Host An Optional Virtual Lunch

While nobody wants to be sitting at their monitor longer than they have to, suggesting that employees bring their cameras with them wherever they are eating lunch, even if it is just 15 minutes, can be a fun way to keep everyone connected and involved. Getting to see coworkers and casually talk about their lives will bring back a feeling of normalcy, and help reduce the isolation some may feel when working remotely.

  1. Virtual Games

While there were many options before, recent restrictions on gatherings have skyrocketed virtual games that can be played with groups. Trivia games, card games, board games, and so much more have gained popularity online and often double as team-building exercises for company virtual events. Taking time to let staff have fun with each other without the pressure of a workday will help boost morale as well as provide a nice break from day-to-day activities.

  1. Virtual Pet Meet and Greet/Show And Tell

Pets are a facet of work from home life for many remote workers who have had a cat, or a dog unexpectedly join a meeting. Virtual “pet shows” can be a creative and fun way to formally introduce those pets to the team. Plus, who doesn’t love a cute cat or a happy dog? For those who don’t have pets, showing something that coworkers have seen in the background of their home office, or a piece around that means something to them, is a fun way to stay connected virtually.

  1. Happy Hour

The classic example of bonding between coworkers is a work happy hour. Sharing a drink and getting a chance to talk about what is going on in each other’s lives beyond simply what gets brought up throughout the workday is a powerful bonding tool. Plus, with everyone’s favorite drinks involved, and usually music, it is a great way to unwind and enjoy the company of those that employees may have not been able to interact with in a while.


Keep Virtual Meetings And Events Smooth With EDC

There is nothing that drives a meeting, an event, or just a workday down more than remote work solutions that are not working right. Making sure that your employees and offices are equipped with the latest technology for remote work, and audio-visual solutions that help you continue to provide high-quality work remotely is critical. At EDC, we help you find the technology that fits you best. We can help design, install, and teach you the technology in your office while observing any social distancing policies in place. For remote work and audio-visual solutions, trust the experts at EDC to provide quality service and products. Find out more on our website https://edcsolutions.com/.