Strobes for Loud Environments

In loud environments, visual communication for emergency notification is needed. Many facilities choose strobes for emergency communication.

Some schools install amber and blue strobes in the hallways which indicate severe weather or emergencies. In very loud in spaces such as gymnasiums or band rooms, overhead paging can get masked. Strobes can notify students and staff to quiet down and listen to the emergency page.

These notifications can be triggered by the Carehawk paging system through programming. The combination of visual and audible messaging increases the possibility of people reacting to the emergency more quickly. Visual messaging also benefits students or staff with hearing impairments.

The same type of notifications can be implemented in other facilities such as plants. Many manufacturing facilities choose strobes for visual communication. Manufacturing plants can be very noisy, operating loud machinery in cavernous spaces. Workers often need to wear ear protection. Visual communication is one of the best ways to relay vital information.

The best way to insure life safety is to use multiple solutions. Having both visual and auditory emergency messaging can provide this.

Strobes for emergency communication
Strobes in schools