Critical AV: Critical for Growth and Education

Our clients need to be on the forefront of changing technology. We are passionate about ongoing growth, knowledge and helping others to pursue the same.

In K-12 and higher education, it is important to help the next generation of leaders succeed with continual learning. Critical AV is becoming more and more vital in how we communicate and teach. It helps teachers teach and students learn.

This idea also extends to training rooms in corporate spaces. Just like in primary and secondary schools, ongoing education and training is important for our clients’ employees. It helps them stay up to date with technology so they can teach and implement procedures, give training and enhance workflow as the business grows.

Electronic Design Company values this too. We make it a point to send our technicians to continual training on existing or new systems and equipment to be the best and most complete resource for our clients.

Training room in a corporate space for ongoing education
Training room in a corporate business