Incorporating Digital Signage into Emergency Notification

Emergency notification systems are vital to life safety in schools. There are emergency pages, strobes, alarm systems and emergency texts. But what else can you do?

One option is adding digital signage in schools to convey emergency notifications.

New school designs might include an all IP-based system. This will allow for the integration of audio pages with visual messaging on digital signage.

Digital displays in schools can have several kinds of messages. The display can inform staff and students about school events, lunch menus etc. But it can also be used for emergency notification in the event of a lockdown.

The same is true for the airport. They have digital displays for not only travel information, but emergency information as well.

Digital signage is here and further expanding into the future. Using all the technology at your disposal can only help make your facility more ready for the next emergency.

Digital signage in IP based systems