Is Your House of Worship Ready for the Holidays?

As the holidays approach, families come together from far and wide. Traditionally, many of those families spend time together by attending church or temple to celebrate their faith. If your House of Worship is in need of upgrading your audio and visual systems, doing so before the holiday rush could make the difference in delivering an outstanding holiday message.

Assess Your Current Systems

Old, crackly speakers are a good warning sign that it’s time to upgrade. People come to hear the Word, not feedback. Investing in quality sound improves intelligibility. Understanding what is being said is paramount to the worship experience. Many Houses of Worship feature beautiful, ornate rooms with high ceilings. This is fantastic on the eyes but hard on the ears. Consider updating the acoustics of your space by installing acoustic tiles that help absorb and direct sound, to minimize reverberation and improve sound quality when the leader is speaking.

Spread Your Message Further

Updating old systems is a step in the right direction but that cannot help you reach people who can’t make it to church. New technology can help your message reach more people. Adding a video recording element to programs allows for your message to be live-streamed. This means that those that can’t physically be present, or community members who haven’t yet chosen a church or temple, can see the good you are teaching remotely.

Updating your video capabilities can also help the accessibility within your walls. Projectors can help worshipers with poor eyesight or those sitting far away and with obstructed views. Also, if there are volunteers cooking, cleaning or helping with childcare, the message can be sent to a TV so they don’t have to miss anything during their service to the community.

Know Your New System

It won’t matter how state-of-the-art your system is if nobody can operate it. That’s why it is important when an AV professional installs equipment, you should learn how to use it. At EDC, we believe in supporting our clients long after installation, starting with educating them on their new hardware. Upon request, training can be conducted for leaders, support volunteers, or tech-focused worshipers to make sure your new system lives up to its potential.

We’re Here to Help 

EDC has experience working with Houses of Worship across the Twin Cities area. We would love to hear from you and help you update your AV system this year. Contact Electronic Design Company’s professionals at 612-335-2300 to ask about our services and schedule an appointment.