How The Right Design Can Make Or Break Your New Conference Room

Designing a conference room that optimizes how your business operates is essential, and its impact is felt in your company’s performance daily. From holding key internal meetings to hosting client events, your conference room must be functional, dexterous, and promote creativity and productivity. How does your company strike that balance? Consider your options when you are building or updating your next conference room. Below, EDC highlights some important elements to keep in mind for creating your next conference room.


Creating the right atmosphere within your conference room creates a space that inspires trust and productivity with clients and employees alike. Therefore, it is incredibly important to furnish the room appropriately to promote an atmosphere where ideas and conversations can flow freely. A foundational choice within every conference room is its centerpiece, the table. Choosing the wrong conference table can hinder meetings, throw off sightlines, and crowd the area. It’s important to consider the room, as well. Not only do you want to make sure that things fit properly without crowding, but considering what can be seen from the room and what that means for the productivity and professionalism of that space.


Nothing can disrupt a meeting faster than technical difficulties. Showing your clients that you have the technology to keep up with their business and that you can use it is important. A conference room is an excellent place to display that knowledge. Integrating smart technology to make your employees and client’s lives easier should be a focal point of the room.

Once you have this technology, though, it is important to be able to use it effectively. Is it difficult to find and connect to your devices? Do your employees know how to control their presentations and media on the screens? These are all things to think about as you design and install your new system. Make sure you work with a company, like EDC, who will go beyond installation and teach your company how to use your new system to the fullest of its ability.


First impressions are important, and you only get one shot at them. Walking into a business that doesn’t look professional or effective will instantly put the client on the wrong foot. When designing your conference room, it is important to think about creating an atmosphere that you want your clients to see. For some businesses, this is stark and professional. Straight lines and dark wood that convey serious tones and is meant to impress. For a creative agency, bright colors and a relaxed workspace show the client that this is a place where ideas are fostered and appreciated. Think about what you want your new conference room to say before you even open your mouth.

Bringing It All Together

Designing a conference room shouldn’t be taken lightly. Partnering with EDC solutions provides your business with design and consulting services, installation resources, and training for your new conference room. EDC is available 24/7 for any problems you may have. We can even help you look at your budget and when to upgrade your new system. Get serious about your next conference room, and partner with the technology professionals at EDC solutions. To plan your new conference room, call us at 612-355-2300 or email us at