Essential Technology for the Modern Boardroom

In a modern office environment, full-screen video calls have become largely commonplace. As Zoom and other programs have made their way into our daily workflows, conference rooms have adapted to include a host of technical capabilities that allow group meetings with some participants in person and others tuned in virtually. However, implementing an effective web-based video system with high-quality resolution, audio, and ease of use can be challenging in practice.

The technical team at Electronic Design Company has published a series of articles detailing the proper steps to take to properly outfit and arrange your boardroom with the essential technology of today. Let’s discuss an overview of the primary components and their functions.

Control System

Just as your remote control can direct the TV itself, DVD player, the satellite dish, and the various software programs included, so your conference room A/V setup needs an effective and streamlined control system.

Control systems are designed and programmed to manage, command, direct, and/or regulate the behavior of other devices or systems. In the commercial control system realm, Crestron and AMX touch panels and controllers are some of the most common tools seen in modern boardrooms. These companies have been around for decades manufacturing products that integrate thousands of devices and systems using dozens of methods and protocols to communicate between them. At EDC, we are manufacturer-agnostic and can help you choose the control system that will serve your boardroom effectively.

Microphone System

To engage in a conference call, there obviously needs to be an input so that members in the conference room can be intelligibly understood to those listening remotely. Unfortunately, many boardrooms are ill-equipped when it comes to microphone capabilities. Oftentimes, a single microphone built into the video board or a central phone handset in the center of the table serve the purpose ineffectively. However, working with an experienced A/V team can yield better solutions, such as angled microphones with varied sound levels that integrate seamlessly with the existing systems.

Camera System

Videoconferencing capabilities in a boardroom can be substantially improved in a boardroom through the integration of more than one camera source as part of a camera system. This will allow presenters to have control over the view shown to any virtual attendees, as well as make for more dynamic meetings. The operation of such a system is possible through the utilization of some clever hardware and some basic training from an A/V professional.

Projection & Display Systems

After you’ve installed cameras, it’s time to address the sharing of information between meeting participants. There are myriad display options for flat panel monitors and projection systems, and which one works best for your particular boardroom will depend on room size, resolution preferred, display type, number of displays, etc. While all these factors can seem overwhelming to tackle for a first-time A/V integration, the team at EDC is well-versed in these various systems and can help consult and install the right fit.

Sound Treatment Options

Once your various systems are up and running, there may be some finishing touches in the sound enhancement space that can amplify the experience of any meeting. Echo can sometimes be a problem, as a video caller is broadcast into the room, which feeds into the room mic, which then gets fed back to the video caller’s audio. Acoustic Echo Cancelling is a compelling technology that mitigates echo experienced as a result of a video participant and closes this loop. Sound reinforcement integration can also help listeners at the far end of larger conference rooms experience an up-close soundscape through the careful placement and adjustment of speakers throughout the room.

These systems must all work harmoniously, and therefore must be intentionally and carefully planned and implemented. The technical team at EDC has years of experience installing a wide variety of brands of these various technologies into boardrooms and conference centers – take a look at our portfolio here.

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