3 Ways to Close the Generational Gap through Technology

Is technology an integrating or dividing force? As 61 million Gen Zers enter the workforce, the anxiety surrounding the technological divide increases. The discussions on this issue focus on the generational divide, and the differences between Gen-Z, Millenials, Gen-X, and Boomers. The discussions ultimately miss the point, which is to answer the simple question: “How can we work together?”

1. Unite

Traditional email inboxes can be challenging to navigate and organize because of the myriad of conversation threads. Modern platforms like Slack make office communication less overwhelming by allowing users to create different groups, join and leave conversation threads, hashtag or bookmark documents or threads, and create collaborative documents. These platforms are easy to use, drawing on popular social media applications like Facebook. No matter their ages, your employees will appreciate such organization. The future of workplace communication lies in utilizing these systems which are intuitive and encourage office communication and efficiency.

2. Train

Closing the generational gap requires a mutual understanding between the generations that every person is an individual. Misunderstanding the other generation is often a result of skill gaps, especially in using tech tools, so training and promoting an understanding of technology is essential. By investing in long-term learning, you support teammates of all ages and close the generational divide.

Encourage your employees to take charge of their technological tools by creating a learning culture. Empower your employees by offering a variety of training opportunities. Start by assessing your current HR capabilities and surveying your employees to figure out your company’s needs, interests, and motivations. Through web-based, self-paced training, employees of all ages can learn at their own pace and gain new skills. By providing custom training, you empower all teammates, regardless of age. After effective training, Gen-Zers won’t get frustrated with Boomers because they’ll be able to use Slack correctly, and Boomers will understand technology platforms so they won’t mistrust Gen-Zers and how they use online organizational methods.

3. Design

A key component to closing the generational gap is designing the workspace. A well-designed office space should help facilitate collaboration, focus, and successful adoption of new systems by your employees. Just like technology provides your staff with increased connectivity and mobility resources, so does your workplace’s design. Organizations are increasing their agility by redesigning their workplaces in ways that enable employees of all ages to work well. Consider the kind of space you need, and what sort of AV technology you’ll need to implement. Consider creating a “flexible workspace” by incorporating different office zones like open workstations, quiet rooms, and designated spaces for relaxing and recharging. This way, employees can choose an environment that’s most effective for them.

EDC Helps Employers Evolve

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