What Is the Best AV Equipment for Lecture Halls?

Lecture Halls may not need the most complicated AV equipment in order to function properly, but they do need to be outfitted with the right equipment. With many lecture halls serving an educational purpose in some way, it’s imperative that the technology is easy to use and maintain while having the power to reach the entire room. Both the PA system and digital displays need to enable clear communication throughout the room so that the presenter can focus on making their subject matter as compelling and engaging as possible. The last thing professors and guest lecturers want to deal with is AV equipment that is not setup or working properly. Here we will take a look at the best AV equipment for lecture halls.

Loud and Clear

Lecture halls don’t need massive, powerful PA systems in order for the space to serve its purpose. A sensible speaker set up with a simple microphone set up will be more than enough to handle any presentation. The purpose isn’t to blow attendees away with a wall of sound, but rather, to simply amplify the natural speaking voice of the presenter. While a PA system that best serves the acoustics of a lecture hall will still require a significant investment, it will be fairly easy to maintain as very few components will be tinkered with. As long as each connection is checked periodically and cables are replaced as needed, a quality system will last for quite some time.

While there may be a classic look to using a lectern with a microphone, this setup is not always the most conducive to giving an engaging presentation. Having a wireless microphone setup available gives presenters the ability to use the entire stage during their program. Since the use of each type of microphone comes down to the preference of the presenter, it is best to have both options available to connect to a lecture hall’s PA system.

Vivid Imagery

After the sound system has been decided on, the next most important piece of AV equipment is a projector. Having the ability to cast digital displays is a requirement for a lecture hall, regardless of if it is used regularly as a classroom. Visual components have long been a part of presentations and the dynamic abilities of a digital display from a projector is a must. Digital displays not only help the audience to remain engaged, but rather, they also help them to better absorb the material. Presenting in a way in which the information will be retained is a constant challenge for presenters and professors. This makes having the right technology on hand even more important than ever. A projector that is easy to use for digital display is an absolute must for lecture halls. 

We Are Your AVL Partner

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