Sound Masking Efficiency

What is Sound Masking and why should you consider it?

Sound masking is an audio technique that reduces annoying background noise and provides a sound buffer, keeping conversation private to develop a calming environment.

It is engineered to fall into the same frequency level as human speech, sounding similar to soft airflow blending into the natural background.

Sound masking is an immersive experience where speakers, also known as emitters, are methodically installed in a space to surround employees and guests no matter where they are in the room.

Studies have shown that on average it takes 20 minutes for employees to get back on track at work after they’ve been disrupted. Sometimes unwanted communication is a distraction and employees lose productive time. Sound masking increases efficiency by removing those distractions so employees can work better, thus saving your company money and increasing productivity in the workplace.

Sound masking in the workplace