Audio/Video Network Series: Remote Support

A network based system allows you to support and manage the equipment in an easy manner.

Remote access provides a number of key benefits to the end user and the support team of the system. It allows a technician or the operator to access the systems from anywhere they have an internet connection. This provides potential savings from not having to go to site to fix a problem and lowers costs from having to have staff onsite all the time. This also allows for addressing the problem in real time to fix or identify the problem. Then you can decide if you need to dispatch a technician to the site with replacement equipment, thus reducing downtime of the system.

There are even more functions within this type of system. Network systems can provide room usage reporting, allowing facilities managers to better understand the usage of the systems to ensure they have the right solutions for the end users within the facility. If certain rooms are going unused, it asks the question- why and should we have something else in that room?

The health of the system can also be monitored through asset reporting. If a component is not running right (over heating or losing network connections), a proactive approach can be implemented to correct the problem before the component fails and become a critical situation.

All of this provides a more reliable system with the added benefit of costs savings for happy clients and end users.

Remote support for network based systems