Setting Up Your School for Effective Learning

In the last two years, what it means to “go” to school has changed more than ever before. For schools that have resumed in-person learning, the setup has shifted drastically, and students that may have fallen behind during remote seasons require more hands-on teaching to compensate.

In such an environment, the importance of top-tier educational equipment and capabilities cannot be overstated. School boards and educators have been investing technology that is custom curated for their space. EDC applauds that effort and offers some ideas. 

Design Classrooms Effectively

Digital capabilities are a must in the modern classroom. However, not all screens and speakers are created equal. There are myriad display options for flat panel monitors and projection systems, and which works optimally for your classroom will depend on your teaching style, budget, and preferences. One of our team members can offer advice on which systems will best serve your purposes after evaluating your space and consulting with you.

Evidence has also suggested that investing in speech reinforcement can improve learning experience and even test scores. If the teaching staff is masked, it can be difficult to interpret speech clearly, resulting in raised vocal tones and eventual voice fatigue. Talk to a representative at EDC for advice on implementing a speech reinforcement system that makes your lessons more intelligible for your students.

Invest In Solid AV Capabilities for Larger Spaces

For auditoriums, large classrooms or classes which regularly have off-site students, a sound reinforcement system is critical. Working with an experienced audio and video system integrator will yield the best solution. The correct type of speakers, practical use, or placement of microphones along with audio processing will ensure the best results. EDC will work with you to create the best visual and audio solution. EDC can also help address the acoustics of the space.

The goal is to transform the visual and listening experience from commonplace to exceptional. EDC is manufacturer agnostic. We work with the best manufacturers to create the best possible outcome for your specific requirements.

In auditoriums, addressing the acoustics of the space can help transform the listening experience from commonplace to exceptional. If the AV systems themselves could be improved, EDC has a variety of sound and video recording, mixing console, and audio systems that can be chosen and arranged based on the specifications of the space.

Public Address & Intercom Systems

EDC installed it’s first school intercom system in 1957. Today we implement sophisticated network-based paging and intercom systems that provide audio and visual communication. The system can be integrated with text, e-mail, and other forms of communications to make a comprehensive mass notification system. The system can be network based and include fault monitoring and remote diagnosis. Intercom and Paging System has changed a lot in the last 20 years. 

The team at EDC has years of experience installing all of these technologies in educational institutions of varying size and scope. In the Centennial school district, for example, EDC has provided top-notch AV support for over 30 years. We’d be happy to help source the right solution for you.

Outfit Your School with the Best Capabilities

At EDC, we put your purpose first. We’re committed to helping our customers discover and implement the highest quality systems that elevate the functionality, versatility, and safety of their space – from classrooms, to auditoriums, and beyond. We have been helping schools like yours achieve better technical capabilities since 1955, and we leverage that extensive knowledge to help plan, install, and maintain the best systems. We have the equipment and the experience to help you succeed. Work with us today and find out more by exploring our website.