Key Technology Investments for Municipalities

Investing in technology is a recipe for success. It can seem like a daunting task for most local governments, but the benefits typically outweigh the costs. At Electronic Design Company, we take pride in being an audio-visual company you can trust. Today, we will break down a few key technology additions that are worth the investment.

1. Video and Critical Communications Systems

The future of work is trending towards an increasing reliance on technology and we do not expect this to change anytime soon. As the pandemic unfolded, organizations realized that in order to facilitate the remote work needs of today, as well as plan for the increased customer service needs of tomorrow, there is a heightened need for collaboration-driven tools. These include unified communication-as-a-service suites, team spaces and video conferencing technologies. Electronic Design Company provides best-in-class support for video distribution, video conferencing, sound masking and public address systems. Our qualified professionals ensure the integrity of your video and critical communications systems for the entirety of their life cycles.

2. Emergency Announcement Systems

Safety in public spaces remains important. Installing or upgrading emergency announcement and public address systems are important measures for increasing security. These technologies provide an efficient way to immediately notify all occupants of a building simultaneously. Electronic Design Company has decades of experience in designing and installing emergency announcement and public address systems in business complexes, government buildings and healthcare facilities. We ensure all relevant staff know how to maintain and operate these systems. 

3. Employee Engagement Tools

Keeping workers dialed in and invested in a company’s goals is a daily challenge for many organizations and local governments. This is especially true as more employees return to offices amid the transition from primarily virtual to more hybrid and in-person environments. Some healthcare companies are considering tools that create digital depictions of office spaces to bridge the gap between fully in-person and hybrid workers, in order to create an immersive metaverse. Electronic Design Company has worked closely with healthcare professionals to provide outstanding technology and audio/visual solutions. When we work with you, we ensure you are supported through all phases of a system, from its initial planning to installation and beyond and we are committed to providing technology solutions that fit within your budget.

We Know Quality

Electronic Design Company is committed to helping our customers discover and implement the highest quality systems that elevate the functionality, versatility, and safety of their space. We have been helping organizations like yours since 1955, and we leverage that extensive knowledge and experience to help plan, install, and maintain the best systems. From small performance venues, to huge hospitals, and everything in between, EDC has the experience and equipment to help projects succeed. Work with us today and find out more by exploring our website.