Performance Venue AV Solutions: What to Look For

Who doesn’t love a good show? No matter what genres of music you gravitate toward, nothing beats standing in front of a stage and feeling the full force of passion and creative energy coming from the performance. It can genuinely be a life-changing experience.

However, if you’ve been to your fair share of shows — as a fan or as a tech — you likely have your fair share of horror stories. PA systems blowing out mid-performance or the audio visual equipment being completely out of sync. These sorts of issues will distract from the performance at best, and at worst render it impossible for the act to continue, ending the show early. 

These are unacceptable outcomes for all involved — the frustration of which is compounded by the fact that these issues are completely avoidable. Let’s take a moment to discuss the solutions that will ensure the show will go on.

Down to the Studs – Room Design and Acoustics

When you are constructing a performance venue, you will want to keep the design of the room and the acoustics front of mind. To be able to control this aspect of your performance space is every venue owner’s dream — take advantage of it! Many AV providers will be able to partner with your contractor and your architect to ensure the proper design and materials are hardwired into the construction of your building.

If you are taking over an existing space, there are ways to improve the acoustics of your venue. You can still partner with an AV provider that will be able to install treatments and recommend renovations that will allow your venue to sound the absolute best it can be.

(Don’t) Shake the Rafters – PA System Size and Design 

If you lack audio engineering experience or this is the first venue you’ve opened, it can be tempting to blow your budget on the biggest, baddest, flashiest PA system you can put together. This is almost always the exact opposite of what you should do. 

Your PA system should be thoughtfully designed to ensure it is right for your space. It can be very easy to overpower the room with a large system. This will cause the sound to become muddied and indecipherable. It can also be possible that you assemble a system that is too small, which will cause the room to be quiet in certain areas. Neither of these outcomes is ideal and can be avoided by partnering with an AV provider that can help you navigate the design process.

Light Them Up – The Right Audio Visual Equipment

We’ve already discussed the importance of having the right PA system for your space, but sound is not the only component of the live experience you need to consider. Lighting is a crucial aspect of any performance, and if yours does not mesh well with the space and the acts you’re booking, it might be time for a change. 

If you are stuck on what direction to take your lighting grid, there are plenty of AV providers that will not only assist you in the design of your lighting system but can also install and help maintain it as well.

Your Audio Visual Partner

This seemingly daunting undertaking would be so much easier if you could just find someone well-equipped to assist in each of these three phases to have your venue ready for music fans to make lifelong memories in. 

EDC has provided AV support for the Twin Cities metro since 1955. We can help you no matter what phase you are in and we will be your partner in delivering the best live experience possible every time. You can trust that our 24/7 support will be on the scene to troubleshoot and repair your AV system when issues arise, no matter the hour.  

If you are ready to take your venue to the next level, reach out today!