How to Ensure Your Business Is Prepared for an Emergency

Some things you pay for, with the hope of never using. In the personal realm, various types of home and life insurance fall into this category. In the business world, it’s emergency preparedness. When disaster strikes, having the right systems in place to notify every building occupant of the situation and direct them to a safe location can save lives. While you might never need to implement it in practice, and we hope you never do, developing an emergency response plan is a small price to pay for the security and protection of your clients and employees.

Here are three comprehensive yet simple steps to ensuring your business is prepared.

Have a Plan

You may have noticed that in every hotel room, there is a map on the backside of the door highlighting the escape route for occupants of that room. This is because the facilities manager developed an evacuation plan and properly disseminated that plan to each space in the complex. The same procedure should be conducted for your business.

As part of the leadership team, develop an emergency plan for the entire building and make sure any tenants in the building are knowledgeable of the plan. Hiring a safety expert to help streamline the process will save you time and energy, as well as help find the best solution. Make sure your new plan includes exit routes for individuals in each part of the building, and brainstorm how procedures might change in the event of various disasters (tornado, fire, intruder, etc).

Next, and most importantly, brief your employees on the specifics of the new plan. Run the required evacuation and lockdown drills, and spend a brief seminar covering the specifics so that everyone knows how to act quickly and effectively when the time comes.

Install or Upgrade an Emergency Announcement and Public Address System

One of the most effective ways to handle an emergency situation is to have the capability to immediately notify all occupants of the building simultaneously through an emergency announcement system. An emergency announcement system provides immediate situational awareness to all building occupants.

The Electronic Design Company has decades of experience designing and installing emergency announcement and public address systems in a variety of settings, from business complexes, to government buildings, to healthcare facilities. Our team can help design, install, service, and maintain the system, as well as train your professionals on proper operation technique. We can even work to replace an existing system or upgrade the audio capabilities, helping to craft a state-of-the-art response system that keeps everyone safe.

Once you have invested in such a system, your workplace instantaneously becomes magnitudes safer by allowing every employee to be immediately notified of any imposing threats.

Work with Authorities and Partners

To ensure your emergency plan and response system meets regulatory requirements and safety standards, work with the authorities in your area to schedule tests and checks. The local fire marshal can provide insights, and the property owner should also be included in any decision-making processes and briefings.

Your partners at EDC can also provide routine system assessments and maintenance to make sure your announcement and warning systems are functioning at full capacity. We also offer 24/7 emergency service.

Work With EDC for Your Safety Solution

Electronic Design Company is committed to helping our customers discover and implement the highest quality systems that elevate the functionality, versatility, and safety of their space. We have been helping organizations like yours since 1955, and we leverage that extensive knowledge and experience to help plan, install, and maintain the best systems. From small performance venues, to huge hospitals, and everything in between, EDC has the experience and equipment to help projects succeed. Work with us today and find out more by exploring our website