Essential AV Technology for the Workplace

Compared to decades past, the business landscape has become remarkably fast-paced and interconnected. Advancements in AV technology have had a snowball effect, and the modern workplace grows more collaborative and productive each day.

For workplaces with bare-bones AV, it may not be obvious what essential technology every business should have. Let’s review the best audiovisual solutions that will revolutionize your work space.

Video Conferencing Systems

Hybrid and remote work are here to stay. At least 41% of workers in the U.S. use the hybrid model, and modern AV technology is a large part of why this is possible.

With the rise of remote work, Zoom calls and other forms of video conferencing have become essential in the modern office. Virtual meetings that allow screen sharing, chat windows and recordings help colleagues stay connected across the globe.

If your workplace has not done so already, invest in digital displays for video conferencing. Choose conference room tech with clear visuals and easy connectivity.

Digital Displays

Digital signage, when strategically placed throughout the office, captures employees’ attention far more than paper signs or whiteboard announcements ever will. Share real-time updates, metrics or event schedules by choosing a digital display with the ideal size, resolution and mounting ability for your office.

Interactive Technology

Smart boards aren’t just used in the classroom – they’re becoming increasingly popular in the modern-day office, too. These collaborative tools allow for real-time annotation, touch-based interactivity and integration with other devices. Empower teams to engage, be efficient and visualize concepts with the right interactive AV technology.

Audio and PA Solutions

For broadcasting across departments, during conferences or to spacious presentation rooms, it is critical to have a crisp, clear audio or PA setup in place. Keep an eye out for advanced audio systems that optimize sound quality and minimize background noise.

Wireless Presentation Systems

We’ve all been in a meeting or conference where messy cables or an otherwise poor AV setup kept things from running smoothly. Make life a little less complicated with the right wireless presentation setup. Share content effortlessly from laptops, tablets and smartphones to displays, allowing you to focus on the presentation’s message without technical distractions.

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