Does Your Conference Room Need an Upgrade?

Conference rooms rely on technology far more now than they did even a few years ago. With more employees working remotely and business partners located across the globe, video conferencing and digital displays have become quite the norm. However, not all conference rooms are equipped to keep up with the modern workplace, which can drastically affect communication, productivity and how smoothly meetings are run.

Is your conference room one of the many that is due for an AV upgrade? Let’s find out.

Assess Your Space

Before diving in, consider the size, seating capacity, lighting setup and types of meetings that usually occur. All of these requirements affect what AV equipment will work best for your space.

Displays and Video Conferencing

Conference room displays have practically become a staple in modern meeting spaces. Interactive touchscreens, high-definition displays and video conferencing with multiple users at once is increasingly becoming the norm.

When upgrading your digital display, consider the following:

  1. Size, Resolution and Mounting Ability. Displays should be easily visible for everyone sitting in the meeting, and have both legible text and clear images. Consider the best placement of this technology in the room for ergonomic viewing.
  2. Connectivity. We’ve all been in a meeting where connectivity was interrupted or otherwise poor, resulting in a lot of wasted time. Look for displays with versatile connectivity options, such as HDMI, DisplayPort or wireless screen sharing capabilities.
  3. Interactive Features. Touchscreens and whiteboards can boost collaboration among teammates by allowing them to highlight or manipulate content on the display.

Audio and PA Systems

Clear and intelligible audio is crucial for communicating effectively during meetings and presentations. When upgrading your audio or PA system, consider these factors:

  1. High-Quality Microphones. Boundary, gooseneck or lapel microphones can help capture audio from participants during your conference.
  2. Powerful Speakers. Choose speakers that evenly distribute sound throughout the room. Discreet wall-mounted and ceiling speakers are popular choices, for good reason.
  3. PA Systems. A PA system is helpful when broadcasting announcements, and allows you to communicate with other departments if you need to quickly call someone into your meeting.

Take Your Conference Room AV to the Next Level

By bringing your conference room into the modern era, your company can foster a more communicative, collaborative and productive work environment.

To ensure seamless integration of this technology into your conference space, reach out to Electronic Design Company today. We’ll work within your budget to find the solution that best fits your needs. Message us now for more information.