Audio/Video Network Series: Ease of Installation

There is ease and efficiency in a network based system as design flows into installation.

There are common wiring practices throughout installation. There is no need for specialized termination skills as industry standards for data cable termination are used. It is easier to pull, install and run.

The end point wiring ends up in racks in the user’s IDF or MDF networking rooms. These end up on patch bays or switches and can be routed just like normal data.

Ultimately, there is less equipment in the room. There are fewer central locations for head end gear. Each designated area has a head end rather than central equipment in every room. This means less time on site assembling components. Making changes is easier due to fewer head ends that could require changes.

Because it is an IP network, there is commonality in all areas of installation between tooling, procedures, limitations, training, hardware and processes.

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