Audio/Video Network Series: Flexibility in Utility

A network based system has user benefits beyond even ease of use and efficiency.

There is flexibility in a network based system which sets it apart from other kinds of systems. There is more room for change and movement in distribution and control, input and output.

It’s also easy. It is easy to route sources to multiple locations from different end points. The end points can be scheduled and monitored. And it’s easy to manage the entire system, from the IT perspective. All content can be on a central server and any network access (with the proper credentials of course) can move content around the network with a few clicks on a computer mouse or a simple touch screen.

There is no need for a central location to monitor, configure and update settings for all devices. Since everything sets on the network all monitoring, configuration, control, updates, troubleshooting can literally be done from anywhere provided you have access to the network.


Some network based design