4 Ways To Upgrade Your School For 2021

With the arrival of a new year, it is a good time for school decision makers to take inventory of what needs improvement to enhance education, safety, and productivity.

Here are four ways schools can look to improve as we head into 2021:

Public Address Systems

The purpose of a school Public Address System is to communicate to the entire building and also between the main office and classrooms. Schools should also consider the need for District-Wide Communications.

This is crucial for school-wide announcements, as well as emergency notifications such as lockdowns for intruder alerts and severe weather such as tornado warnings. It is also important that your school’s public address system is not only heard but is highly intelligible.

Schools should make sure that their service provider is available to service their PA systems immediately. EDC has provided 24/7/365 service to K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities around the state of Minnesota for decades.

Classroom Speech Reinforcement Systems

Through our surveys of metro area schools, EDC has found that most schools do not have classroom speech reinforcement systems. Studies have shown that classrooms with speech reinforcement systems show improved test scores by as much as 75%. This is because students not only can hear what is being said by the teacher but also understand better due to improved intelligibility. It also reduces instructor’s voice fatigue.

The ability for students to intelligibly hear the information that an instructor is relaying is key to their educational success. This will become doubly important when classroom teachers are wearing masks due to the Corona Virus outbreak. Having a classroom sound reinforcement system will ensure that teachers wearing masks are not only heard by the students but also understood.

Contact EDC to get information on how to improve your school’s test scores with Classroom Speech Reinforcement systems.

Tauri Temperature Tablet

Every school situation is different, but locally we are seeing more districts making the transition back to in-person instruction.

To ensure that students and faculty are transitioning safely, a great option is the Tauri Temperature Tablet. It can be stationed at the building entrance to verify that everyone entering is within a normal healthy temperature range for a day of learning,

Stadium, Auditorium and Gymnasium Sound Reinforcement

Sports, concerts, and other extra-curricular activities play a crucial role in the lives of students, staff, and families. A way to improve the event experience for all is to maintain or upgrade the sound systems in your stadiums and/or auditoriums and gymnasiums.

Doing regular maintenance and improving sound coverage, music fidelity and announcement intelligibility will make it easier to hear and understand, improving the over-all experience for all everyone.

Upgrade Your School Systems

Let Electronic Design Company help with your school’s maintenance and upgrades this year. Contact EDC by visiting our website at edcsolutions.com or calling us at 612-335-2300 and learn more about how we can help you transition your critical communication systems this year or plan a budget for the future.