3 Hidden Benefits of Digital Signage

Modern technology can change the visual, audio and functional aspects of any business. From checking people into an event, producing high-quality sound in a room or clearly projecting visuals onto a screen, companies can find unique and creative ways to engage with their customers and improve the way they operate daily. Part of this modern technology includes digital signage, which opens up plenty of possibilities for business owners to try new things and catch customers’ attention. 

By implementing digital signage, you’ll quickly find clear benefits that attract new clientele and make marketing and projecting your deals easier. However, there are plenty of hidden benefits that come with digital signage and other modern technology that are worth noting as well. 

1. Interconnectivity

An underrated yet highly desirable aspect of digital signage is its interconnectivity capabilities. Many businesses look for technology solutions that are easy to control with a remote device, or that can operate on the same channel without much hassle. 

Modern technology and digital signage can do just this. 

Interconnectivity and remote control capabilities will become your best friend, especially if you have multiple signs throughout a building, or several buildings on a campus that you want to add signs to. This technology can help your business display a consistent message that looks great and is similar on all signs. You can even align your signage with their interconnectivity capabilities to talk to each other and create a single image, an interactive animation or other cohesive messaging. 

2. Timely Relevance

In a world where news spreads quickly, your business needs to find a way to keep up. Modern technology provides the solution with digital messaging that can be quickly replaced and updated as needed.

Digital signage can be updated with a new graphic, slogan or other messaging nearly instantly at the click of a button. You can easily go to your computer that controls the signs and input the message you want before hitting send and publishing the message. This is desirable to many fast-paced industries and businesses that want to stay relevant and timely. 

This is also great if you have new deals or sales daily/weekly and want a way to display such information without having to climb a ladder or visit a print shop and manually exchange papers (and risk missing a paper flier somewhere, leaving outdated information to be found by eagle-eyed customers). 

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Finally, digital signage is cost-effective. While many modern technology solutions may seem to have a high sticker price, they pay for themselves quickly. More often than not, it only takes a single employee to update and manage the signs. You can invest in digital technology and save hundreds of dollars on printing costs and the time it takes to post paper signs or change physical signs.

Digital signage is user-friendly and easy to understand, meaning training is a breeze. Plus, with engaging messages and helpful sales information, they’ll help drive sales quickly. Before you know it, you’ll see your new technology paying off! 

Update Your Business Technology

Adding digital signage or other modern technology can change the way you do business. With the right technology solutions, you’ll be surprised at how easy new sales come and how engaging your customers will find your business, thanks to fun, timely messages on your signs. 

If you’re looking for technology solutions or to add some digital signage to your business or store, get in touch with EDC. We have helped businesses across the Twin Cities and upper Midwest update their technology and improve the way they interact with their customers. Modern business should be done with modern technology. EDC can help.