The Importance of Nurse Call Systems in Today’s Climate

In patient care, especially in a senior living community, medical needs can arise at any moment—and when they do, it’s crucial patients have access. That’s why nurse call systems are a critical communication tool in patient care centers and hospitals.

Let’s take a closer look at nurse call systems, and how they improve patient care operations.

The Basics

Nurse call technology is straightforward; it provides an easy and efficient way for a patient to contact a member of the medical team. It’s no overstatement to say that nurse call systems are the lifeline between patients and the medical team. These systems are a valuable asset in a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulatory services facilities. There are many different environments and ways these systems play a key role in the lives of the patients and the medical team.



By providing facility-wide announcements and quick connections, nurse call systems improve communication between the medical team and patients. These systems not only improve response rates but also extra protection in emergency situations when teams are overloaded with patients, like now. The medical staff and patients have an extra sense of security knowing they can be easily connected at any time.


As new technology emerges and evolves, so do nurse call systems. They are available in wireless and wired configurations alike, and can be tailored and implemented in a variety of settings. There are also stand-alone solutions that can be paired with other communication systems already in place, offering the best in customization.

Get Ahead with EDC

Nurse call systems offer that extra layer of safety and responsiveness, which can set apart a facility from the rest. Especially now, implementing a nurse call system is a way to give the medical staff extra support as they respond.

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