The Financial Cost of Bad AV

Picture this, you’re leading an important meeting at your company where you’re presenting a new company initiative. To prepare, you did a test run the day before and all of the AV technology worked well. You walk into the company meeting feeling confident and ready to begin. Then, moments after you start presenting the screen flickers, now the employees on Zoom can’t hear you and the employees in the room can’t see the slides. You’re not only embarrassed but also angry, who installed the system?

The Impact of AV Distractions

Even if you get back on track after troubleshooting the AV problem, the distraction has a large impact on you and your audience. While a five or ten minute interruption for tech problems in a meeting might not seem like a lot, it takes twenty-five minutes to return to the original task after an interruption according to Gloria Mark who studies digital distraction at the University of California, Irvine.

The significant impact of bad AV affects the time of highly-paid executives, facilitators, technology professionals, and the company as a whole. When you consider the loss of productivity due to an AV interruption, it’s worth considering the next steps to improve your AV.

The Next Steps towards an AV Solution

You may know of existing equipment or solutions that could fix your AV, but how do you make sure it eliminates the problems entirely? How do you determine if your next AV purchase is going to work when all of the others have not?

The best thing you can do to eliminate future AV problems is by choosing an excellent AV company to troubleshoot and improve your current AV.  Here are some tips as you start searching for a good AV company:

  • Ask for recommendations from others companies similar to yours
  • Go and see some of the work the AV company has done in similar industries to yours
  • Research and ask the AV company questions about their work and how they can help your company
  • Determine if the AV solutions are compatible with the growing technology needs of your company.

By doing the right research and having the right conversations you can partner with a reputable AV company that will help find the best solutions for you. In the end, the cost of a functional and high-quality AV system will be less than the cost of bad AV work.

Level up your AV with EDC

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