The Technology It Is-A-Changing

Technology just doesn’t last as long as it used to. Everything is going to computer-based technology.

20-30+ years old analog systems can cause some major problems with clients. Their systems are so old they can’t accomplish all of their goals. 30 year old systems are not compatible with current technology and can mean that parts are no longer available when an upgrade is needed.

But there is a DSP based solution that is updated with new software. The new system can do so much more and allows end users to do their jobs well.

The benefits can include: wireless, bring your own device, remote access to systems, video conferencing and high def 4K video which has higher quality resolution.

They also have predictive qualities. EDC can get notifications about system issues before the client even knows to act on the problem sooner.

They also have the option of a monthly payment plan with an upgrade at the end of the payment schedule.

Now these clients can finally be current with technology trends and best practices. Be like Bob Dylan and keep up with the times!

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