Sneak peak inside the Vikings TCO Performance Center in Eagan-Boardroom

There’s a place in the TCO Performance Center for high level meetings and even entertaining new partners. The boardroom at the TCO offers a space for upper level management meetings, entertaining, teleconferencing and presentations.

It was a bit tricky though. Originally the room was designed with an in-room cabinet. But during construction it was left out of the rough in. EDC rose to the occasion to offer a unique solution to this problem. 

EDC redesigned this room with a ceiling pull down rack to house the main components for the teleconferencing system. This prevented the team from opening up the wall and cutting already finished cabinetry.

This room is one of six rooms in the facility that has Cisco teleconferencing capability. Another unique feature is its use of in-ceiling Shure microphones that feed the far end of the conference room with audio from the boardroom system.

EDC often has to rise to the occasion to offer innovative and creative solutions to problems that arise during a project. And this way of designing can be used for any other kind of space at other facilities. By adding this in-ceiling rack, EDC bypassed intrusive construction and delays while providing a solution to suit the room.