Spotlight on AV Education: Virak

AV training and education at Electronic Design Company

Electronic Design Company (EDC) values lifelong learning and remaining up to date with technology in an ever-changing environment. We strive for both personal and professional growth to deliver complete solutions to clients and for our employees to grow as individuals. Our Technician’s Assistant, Virak is a prime example of putting this value into action.

While working as a Technician’s Assistant here at EDC, Virak also takes courses in Electronics Construction and Maintenance at Dunwoody College of Technology. Virak has been interested in electronics ever since his family got their first PC. From then on, he replaced PC components, took other electronics apart or attempted to fix them to figure out how these devices worked. At school he enjoys the hands-on lab time where he is able to test and confirm the data he’s learned in the basic electronics and theory classes and then apply that knowledge in the field.

When Virak was hired he expressed a desire to continue his AVeducation, EDC has been more than happy to help Virak work toward his goals. Continuing education for Virak means that he can continually grow, not just in his field, but in all areas of his life. “There is always something new to learn, we learn every day and we don’t even know it,” he says. He believes work training, ongoing education and learning about technology help his mind stay active and sharp, giving him confidence.

Virak enjoys his role as a Technician’s Assistant because he isn’t stagnant in his day to day position, every day is different. He also likes moving from site to site and the travel involved.

Technology changes so quickly in audio, video and critical communications, that learning is an integral part of being a technician. It allows them to become and stay familiar with the products that we sell and service, keeping us competitive.  According to Virak, learning about electronics and AV today is important “because it’s everywhere. It helps us communicate and it’s a necessary part of our future. Most buildings today have some sort of Public Address/Audio Video/Conferencing system in place.”

EDC continually sends its employees to AV training. Our technicians attend manufacturer training for IED, QSC, Stentofon, Crestron, Ascom, and receive additional education on a number of other products we carry. Constantly learning and improving is invaluable at EDC.  We at EDC, along with our industry are always evolving.