Real Time Location Services in Behavioral Health

What do you do as a nurse when you have unruly patients in a healthcare facility? How do you know you’ll get help in time? Or what if you can’t find a wheelchair when you need one?

Real Time Location Services (RTLS) improve operational efficiency and patient care in healthcare facilities. So many benefits come from RTLS: real time locating of people and equipment, easy installation, interoperability, safety and reliability.

A good option for healthcare systems is the staff duress badge.  When they are in a volatile situation or concerned for their safety they can press a button on a wearable badge and the RTLS system will notify the appropriate personnel to respond to their location. It tracks that person’s location with a signal to a main master station or computer.

Staff can get help right away in a threatening situation which is ideal for behavioral units that might have unruly patients.

It also can be used to locate an IV pump or wheelchair that has gone missing! By attaching an RTLS badge to the device you will always know where the equipment is in your facility.This is a wireless system that integrates seamlessly with the nurse call system or other systems already in place. This is a good choice for healthcare facilities that need duress assistance in real time. 

Centrak RTLS Devices