Getting Your Message Across in House of Worship

The most important part of A/V in a House of Worship is getting the message across. They want to put a message out about the liturgy and failure to deliver this message would defeat the purpose. 

The message going through the A/V system needs to be intelligible. This mean more than just speakers that are loud. 

Acoustic treatments cut down on reflections that decrease intelligibility. When you have sound coming out of the speakers reflecting off a wall, the sound arrives at different times, making the message unintelligible to the human ear. Treating the walls helps keep the sound coming off the front of the speakers from hitting the wall behind the speakers.

House of Worship audio/video also provides assisted listening systems for the hard of hearing. These are personal systems including headset, earphones and a receiver. This allows the sound from the sound system to go directly to the individual wearing the assisted listening device. In some cases it can even be compatible with a personal hearing aid that an individual already has! It’s like a personal Public Address system.

Visually, large displays or projectors can also help get the message across. The House of Worship can put up words or images to help people follow along.

A smart A/V system is critical to House of Worship for getting the message across.

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