How Schools Use AV Technology to Improve Education

As schools around the world plan on going back to physical classes this fall, school safety and security are especially important. Audio and visual solutions like public address systems, call intercoms, video security, and temperature check tablets offer that extra layer of safety and responsiveness with their modern and creative solutions. Read more about the AV solutions your school should have to keep its students, teachers, and staff safe.

Temperature Check Tablets

As your staff, teachers, and students go back to school, it’s important that health and safety are a top priority. To keep everyone safe, install the TAURI Temperature Check Tablet. This is a hands-free, accurate, and fast alternative to checking individual temperatures. The TAURI has a facial recognition tool that differentiates the human face from other subjects. It provides reminders and alerts for high-temperatures and non-mask wearing individuals. In a post quarantine world, this extra layer of protection helps with peace of mind and the overall health of your school.


Audio Protection

The right school PA system enhances the safety of the students, teachers, and staff. One of its best features is the ability to broadcast different messages to different parts of the school; this way, the gym can be playing music and the cafeteria can be announcing menu options. If there’s an emergency, the PA system can play pre-recorded announcements to avoid confusion and keep everyone calm. The PA system can be fully integrated and connected to the internet so an administrator could deliver messages anywhere: even if they aren’t in the building.


Video Capabilities

To further protect your school pair your PA system with video capabilities to prevent attacks, intruders, or vandalism. You can set up the cameras to send a notification if they’re triggered by motion or another cue, you can also use colored strobes for visual emergency notifications. This way, administrators have an easy way to see an intruder, and even speak to the intruder before taking further action. Not only do school security cameras discourage intruders, but they can also investigate. If a crime occurs, you can refer back to the recorded video. This way, you can deter trespassing in your school and create a safer environment.

Improve Your School with EDC

Technology creates exciting ways to promote accessibility in the classroom. At EDC, we can help you design, implement, and install new technologies to help your staff, teachers, and students. For a full list of school safety tips, here’s EDC’s complete checklist. Contact us to see what we can do for your classroom at 612-355-2300 or