How Museums Use AV Technology to Improve Curation and Offerings

As audio, video and other communication products become less expensive, simpler to use, easier to install, and necessary due to COVID-19,  it’s forced museums to quickly evolve. 

Museums around the world like the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas and The Science Museum in Minneapolis are leading the way to the future of museum technology, bringing history to life. 

It’s become apparent that there’s no market where the measure of “experience” is more tangible than museums. Because of this, museums need to continuously improve, update, and elevate their AV. Here are some ways AV companies are collaborating with museums: 

Enhancing Old Exhibits 

The best opportunity for AV companies and museums is converting the museum’s traditional signs to interactive displays. This allows museum and gallery directors to save money by updating information through visual displays instead of expensive print materials. 

AV equipment integrated with a museum display is a proactive method of promoting and educating the visitors, even when staff isn’t around. These digital displays promote and educate everyone – from a single person to a large group. This caters to guests’ preferences; some visitors prefer a one-on-one conversation with staff, other visitors want to explore the museum on their own. Introducing technology allows all visitors to enjoy their experience, so museums can effectively capture a variety of different guests’ attention.

Promoting Accessibility During and After Quarantine

Due to a global pandemic, museums have quickly adapted in order to continue serving the community. Despite the fact that many physical locations closed, museums are offering online courses, online exhibits, access to digital collections, and virtual tours – all of which need AV to support their accessibility and convenience. 

Enhancing facilities with AV equipment is an excellent way to enhance your exhibits and promote accessibility. With the right focus, design, and execution, museums will capture the technology-friendly generation by collaborating with AV companies to produce interactive displays and exhibits. 

Take Your Museum to the Future with EDC

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