How Businesses are Using AV Technology to Equip for a New Future

Digital transformation is a key factor in ensuring your business succeeds in the future. It’s all about leveraging and stretching modern technologies to service your business and its people – the essence of transformation. When equipped with better technology, you and your employees are better positioned to improve efficiency, engagement, and knowledge sharing in the workplace. Not only is digital technology important for efficiency but it’s also important for ensuring the health and safety of your employees as they head back to work.



Temperature Check Tablets  

To keep your environment safe; there’s a fast way to check anyone’s temperature before they enter the room. Instead of assigning a person to take everyone’s temperature, a temperature check tablet can be used instead – saving everyone time and keeping everyone safe. The TAURI Temperature Check Tablet is accurate, fast, and touch-free. Some of its key features include:

  • The drivers are compatible with Linux, Windows and Android.
  • An integrated application is pre-installed, providing a clear and simple interactive user experience.
  • TAURI can be placed anywhere with our tablet stands and wall mounts.
  • The system is calculated with an algorithm for object heat and fast detection temperature accuracy, tolerance at +- 0.3 degrees Celsius, with a refresh rate at 64Hz.
  • All sensors used are developed in Germany and tested rigorously for quality assurance.

Another great feature of the TAURI is its facial recognition tool, differentiating the human face from other objects. It can provide a reminder alert if a person isn’t wearing a mask and take a picture of someone with a high temperature. While these are optional features, they help keep your workplace safe.

Remote Capabilities

As companies move toward remote work, virtual meetings will become more common. You need the right technology to support your team and maximize engagement. One of the most important elements of equipping your business for the future is through a digitized conference room. A functional conference room with updated technology shows your clients and the team you’re an efficient and effective company. Integrate smart technology and train your employees to use it effectively so the audio, video, and other multimedia capabilities are used to their full potential.

At EDC, we revolutionize the way companies connect with their teammates and clients through audio, visual, and remote communication technology. To see an example of our work in the office, watch this testimonial from Bullseye Media, a full-service media agency in Minneapolis, and see what EDC can do for your company.

Get Ahead with EDC 

There was a time AV technology was used to impress or enhance a business’ capabilities, but now, it’s a necessity. As we move forward and go back to work, it’s important your business is equipped with the best AV technology to make sure you can move the business forward effectively and safely. EDC can help prepare your company with the right AV solutions to promote health and safety in your workplace. Call 612-355-2300, visit our website, or contact us at to make a connection today.