House of Worship AV: Church of the Risen Savior

Want to grow your House of Worship and have your message heard? It may be time to rethink your technology. Growing Houses of Worship aren’t only places that overflow with attendees, but also the places where people grow in community, discipleship, and faith together. It may seem unusual, but technology is a valuable tool for growing and strengthening your House of Worship.

One of EDC’s clients, Church of the Risen Savior, upgraded their technology to adapt with the changing times. In Burnsville, Church of the Risen Savior holds services five times a week in a 650 seat capacity space, reaching over 2,000 people per week. Their space was echoey, which made it hard to hear the service, so they decided it was time for an upgrade.

After researching and receiving many proposals, the music director and project manager, Kevin Rotty, decided to go with EDC. He was happy with his decision saying, “the best fit was EDC. They came in with a bid that was not only competitive but I felt like when we were working with their engineers and planners the process was very smooth, very good.” He wanted to ensure that the system would be user-friendly so that anyone—from volunteers to parish staff—would feel comfortable running sound at a service.

The renovations included a public address system, acoustic paneling with a design for sound absorption, and installation of the Meyer Sound system, DSP and mixing console for live sound reproduction and sound reinforcement.

The upgrades allow the Church of the Risen Savior to focus on what’s important: their message to their parishioners. Technology makes their space more accessible by offering a multi-sensory experience. It’s an opportunity for them to reach new people, strengthen their presence, and extend their space’s worship into the world. The Church of the Risen Savior’s Parish Mission Statement is “our doors are open to all.” By improving their sound system, they live out their mission of acceptance and accessibility. Now everyone can hear the service.

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