What emergency response integration looks like in schools

When there is an emergency in a school, you don’t have time to set off all the emergency systems individuallyyou just need it to happen. That’s why it’s important to integrate the Public Address/emergency notification system with all the other emergency systems in your facility.

With Carehawk, all of the emergency systems can be triggeredinstantaneously. The Carehawk system can trigger contact closures for the emergency or lock down paging as well as door locks, visual messaging on TVs and emergency or lockdown strobes. The response is seamless and efficient.

Depending on what kind of Carehawk system you have deployed, it can even send out email notifications. Visual messaging as well as email notifications can be especially helpful for the hearing impaired in your school.  The system can also, through a contact closure, send a notification to the fire alarm.

The Carehawk District Wide Communication platform can notify other schools on the platform in the event of an emergency. Parents want to know if there are emergencies happening near their schools. The entire process becomes the most efficient during an emergency.

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