Emergency Communications on a Networked System

One of our clients is a large corporation with many remote manufacturing facilities. Because of this they have a unique emergency communications system.

This client adopted a hub and spoke model for emergency communications. They have a centrally located command center connecting the facilities.

If there is an emergency, the procedure is to call the command center. The command center personnel assess the level of emergency and take the appropriate action needed. It may be a call to 911 and/or issue their own alerts that are sent out to the entire building network.

The system runs on a supervised redundant network so that all the facilities are connected with emergency overhead paging. The command center can contact all of the buildings at once or only call a specific one. It can tie in many other system components that can include cameras for monitoring and visual notifications.

A networked system helps key personnel know what is going on in the case of an emergency. If you have several buildings on campus a networked based emergency paging and monitoring system is the best solution.

audio video networked system