A Personal Experience: A Performance on the Next Level

What do I love about attending a performance? The lights, the video, the music, the sound? As an Electronic Design Company (EDC) employee, I appreciate how A/V helps tell the story, to understand content, set context or transmit the effects of the show. It brings people along and stirs emotion. As an attendee, I have high expectations for performance venues to deliver an extraordinary experience through high quality sound and video production.

Recently, I saw David Byrne of Talking Heads at the Orpheum and it was one of my favorite shows ever. I see a fair number of concerts. The bands come out, their instruments are set up, they play, they sound good and then you go home.

But David Byrne was different. The entire show was conceptual and artistic. Every part of the show was designed from the stage outfits (matching gray suits and bare feet) to the choreography. The dancing was modern and slightly eccentric as they moved on stage with their instruments and the sound quality was amazing.

This performance was so well crafted with exceptional talent that it wasn’t just a concert anymore- it was an artistic experience on the next level.

Leaving the show, I thought to myself that if he ever came back into town I would go see him again- no matter the cost or set list. The experience was so grand that it made me want to re-live it again. This is what I want from a performance.