AV in the Modern Church: Case Studies

The modern church is more immersive than ever, and that is in part due to advances in AV technology. From small congregations to megachurches, traditional to contemporary worship, church sound system installation is becoming an increasingly more popular choice.

Are AV solutions right for your church? Explore the following case studies and discover the difference this equipment can make.

Incarnation Lutheran Church

Incarnation Lutheran of Shoreview, MN is known for staying ahead of the technological curve – from implementing a cloud-based church management solution called Realm to maintaining a vibrant social media presence. Incarnation also upgraded their space with notable AV solutions.

The church’s first upgrade was to their L’Acoustics speaker system. Acoustics are an important part of church sound design – the right paneling and diffusers can greatly reduce echoes and minimize feedback.

Incarnation also installed a QSys audio processing and control system, which allows for precise adjustments to volume levels and elevated sound quality. The system’s cloud-manageable audio makes it extremely versatile, easy to upgrade, and reliable.

St. Michael Catholic Church

Located in a small suburb of the Twin Cities, St. Michael Catholic Church implemented a number of AV solutions for their congregation, most notably Aurora and Exton video streaming. This has allowed many members of the parish to still attend worship despite barriers in geography, mobility, and health.

Not all church sound installation system updates have to be extravagant. By installing a simple paging system with Lowell speakers and TOA amplifiers, St. Michael could more effectively communicate across the building.

House of Hope Presbyterian Church

Built in 1909, this St. Paul church seamlessly blended the traditional and the modern when they upgraded their audiovisual technology. Camera additions that focused on the back of the sanctuary were installed, augmenting live streaming.

House of Hope’s pipe organ configuration was also given a modern twist. Shotgun microphones were installed to an existing audio system to pick up the organ’s sound more clearly. 

Church of the Risen Savior

This sleekly modern church, located in Burnsville, MN, revamped its AV technology to better serve the needs of its 650-seat congregation. The new acoustic paneling provided sound absorption and the Meyer Sound system allowed for live sound reproduction and reinforcement.

Acoustics were a huge consideration while updating Risen Savior’s AV equipment. Without the proper technology, echoes and reverberations could easily have overwhelmed the space.

Elevate Your Church With Electronic Design Company

Before installing AV in the modern church, it is important to understand the space you are working with. Congregation size, type of venue, style of worship, and level of technical expertise among staff or volunteers are all important factors when planning an upgrade.

The right AV system can greatly enhance the worship experience for everyone involved. No matter how traditional your space, the right professional can competently bring your church into the modern era. Contact us today to discuss the needs of your house of worship.