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Nurse Call Systems - Telligence

With patient satisfaction at the forefront, healthcare organizations are aligning their staff, facilities, and resources to provide the best possible patient care.

Telligence -Telligence by Ascom (Formerly GE Healthcare/Dukane) is an advanced enterprise Nurse Call system which is designed to help hospital staff be more productive, enhance patient safety and satisfaction, improve compliance with care protocols and even boost revenue through better bed management and patient flow. Ascom is the only company that can deliver a complete solution that includes wireless handsets, messaging middleware, nurse call systems and RTLS integration to effectively streamline information flow and improve response time.

Telligence can help you achieve your performance goals in patient care by enhancing your communication between patient and clinician. Proactively manage nursing excellence, staff workflow and patient satisfaction using real-time data to access event data and staff performance. Telligence enables facilities to drive patient safety and satisfaction, staff efficiencies, and cost containment required in the industry today.

For more information visit the Ascom Telligence Website

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